History of Quinta Dos Frades wine

quintadosfrades portuguese

In mythology, Lusus was the son or companion of the winery, Bacchus (gr. Dionysos). The Roman province of Lusitania, which is identical with parts of today’s Portugal, may have got its name from this mythological figure. Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans brought the vines and winegrowing to Portugal, which was carried on at modest levels during Moorish domination. In the 12th century, the Cistercian Order in Portugal founded more than 100 monasteries and influenced viticulture sustainably. King Dom Dinis (the king of Dionysius, the sixth king of Portugal from Burgundy), called the “peasant king”, encouraged agriculture and viticulture so decisively that a trade fleet could be built with the proceeds and thus the basis for the Rise to world power.

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